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A list of things occupying my mind

I love making lists and when I saw this over on Hannah’s Places I just needed to make one for myself.

Talents I want to acquire

♥ Not being so easily distracted all the time
♥ Doing a full yoga headstand
♥ Packing for a trip and not totally freaking out, taking twice as much as I actually need
♥ Being more organised
♥ Making a FOTD photo without looking like derp.

Things I don’t have time for
▲ People driving 60 on a 80 km/ph road
▲ Emptying the dishwasher when it’s done
▲ When people don’t believe that a TV failure is caused by their cables
▲ The dropped leaves from the chestnut tree outside my house that have accumulated gigantic masses

Things I want to make more time for
♥ Sitting down and enjoying my cup of tea, instead of taking it with me wandering trough the house
♥ Baking muffins and treating my friends & colleagues
♥ Sending postcards with stamps and handwriting
♥ Treating myself with masks and such
♥ Random doodling

Stuff I don’t understand
▲ Snapchat
▲ Macrame wallhangings
▲ Keeping up with the Kardashians
▲ Shark week on discovery channel
▲ Gold desk accesoires

Do you have a list like mine?