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Last Thursday I was walking on the beach when I realized I hadn’t made any silly illustrations in a while. Immediately my brain started working on silly things and when I got home, I fired up the ‘ol Illustrator and started to work.

I started with the silliest of the three, the Poop! speech bubble. It’s silly and I like it. Just the way it’s supposed to be.


Because I was on the beach (not that it was warm, but the weather was nice) I felt like having an ice cream. So that idea was born too. A simple little ice cream that is finger lickin’ good.


And of course, Valentines day is coming up so the heart balloons ties in neatly with that. I mean, it’s a heart balloon and Valentines day is all about heart balloons if you ask me.


Linkies for clickies and buysies!

Society6 // Redbubble // DesignbyHumans

Ice cream
Society6 // Redbubble // DesignbyHumans

Heart Balloon
Society6 // Redbubble

Enjoy your Monday! Cheers

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