Things that make me happy

Things that make me happy #31

Last week was my birthday, and my parents gave me a new lens for my Canon DSLR. It’s the Canon 50 mm lens, also known as the Plastic Fantastic. I love it, it gives me more control over the type of photos I wanna take. Click to read more!

♥︎ Using my new Canon 50 mm lens to take photos of my new Urban Decay Vice 4 palette, I knew it was worth it to not use my new Vice palette (I kinda knew I was gonna get the lens 😉 ) ♥︎ Eating minion cake ♥︎ Using my new Urban Decay Vice 4 palette, such colour, much wow ♥︎ The printable I posted on Monday turned out very awesome ♥︎ The weather was lovely so I wore a dress, I haven’t worn a dress in quite a while ♥︎ Going to the beach on Thursday, I had the day off and took advantage of the lovely weather ♥︎ Making peppers stuffed with bulgur and beans, very tasty ♥︎ Mineola’s are for sale at the supermarket! I love them they have such a rich flavour ♥︎ Discovering the speakers in my car have a very nice bass! I heard this song on the radio and was blown away with the drop. Colour me impressed ♥︎

When I read it back my week revolved about food and my Canon 50 mm lens. Quite interesting actually ha. Keep your eyes peeled to my URL to see some more lovely photos I shot. Ok, ok, I’ll shut up about my photos now.

Enjoy your weekend! Cheers

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