Things that make me happy

Things that make me happy #27

Christmas! Yesh, it is finally here! I’m hoping you are spending it with your loved ones (and getting some nice pressies in the process). I’m writing this on Christmas day, the last few days have been so hectic. But fun! I love the anticipation up to Christmas and the day usually flies by. And you’re like; Oh! It’s the 27th?? How did that happen?

So, without any further ado, this is my list of the things that made me happy last week!

♥ Seeing Star Wars #4 & #5. (and yes, now that I’ve seen em all, its probably better to watch them 4,5,6,1,2, and 3 than the way I watched them. But still loved them!) ♥ Buying an Ugly Christmas Sweater. It’s not actually that ugly, just a little bit. I’m so happy with it! ♥ Seeing Star Wars the Forse Awakens, that was one cool action packed movie ♥ Baking this Sponge Cake for my sisters Birthday and coming home party ♥ Decorating the cake with Home Made Candy Bark ♥ Having my little sister home, finally after 3 months ♥ Home made vegetarian lasange, made by my mom ♥ Getting compliments on my Ugly Christmas Sweater ♥ Exchanging Christmas presents with my boyfriend, he got me the loveliest gifts ♥


One thing I didn’t like was saying goodbuy to my boyfriend, he is spending Christmas with his family in Ireland. But I’ll see him next week for New Years eve.

Have a nice Christmas everyone.


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