Things that make me happy

Things that make me happy #26

Another week, another list of things that make me happy! Christmas is closing in on us! I’ve bought all my presents and wrapped them up. I spend the whole Sunday afternoon wrapping my presents. I decorated them with white fluff balls, glitter and tape. So actually you get two presents, haha. I’m most looking forward to spending time with my family and playing board games. Accompanied with a glass of cider of course.


❤️ Seeing the silly Christmas movie Krampus ❤️ Going to the Mexican with my boyfriend. I have never been to a Mexican before and they have so many vegetarian options!  ❤️ Christmas shopping in Haarlem ❤️ Star Wars marathon over the weekend (but have not seen 5 and 6 yet) ❤️ Getting compliments from random people in the supermarket on my Jeffrey Campbell shoes ❤️ And also my Nintendo leggings ❤️  The way my hair looked on Thursday morning, natural volume all the way ❤️ Getting to work on my design project at work again  ❤️ Listening to Sky Radio all week. All. The. Christmas. Songs ❤️ Getting out of the car with the radio on and the song continuing in the store ❤️ All I want for Christmas is youhoouoou ❤️ Making time for me, and wearing my Bunny Onesie. Have not seen that in a long, long time ❤️


Some posts I loved this week:

❤️ A great list of Christmas printables

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❤️ A list of happiness, love reading these

Do you have a list of ‘Things that make me happy’? Do share!

Enjoy your weekend, cheers!

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