Things that make me happy

Things that make me happy #25

Another week has flown by, so another happiness post! It’s been a kinda boring week, can’t say I’ve had many happy things. Work was a bit of a drag and that kinda sets a tone for the rest of the day.

But I do have some highlights. Me and my mom went to Oberhausen for a Christmas market. We had to be up way early but had a lovely day.

♥ Eating my mom’s homemade pizza ♥ Seeing the sunrise on Saturday morning ♥ Shopping in the big ass shopping mall (biggest of Europe) ♥ Buying a blouse that has a print made of little teacups ♥ And a  nice hot cup of Gluhwein (and I got to keep the cup) ♥ Setting  up the Christmas tree ♥ Painting a winter wonderland on my nails ♥ Having home-made falafel for dinner ♥ Setting up the Christmas tree at work ♥


Some links I loved this week.

♥ Super awesome gift wrapping ideas

♥ Some cool Christmas printables

A DIY to make  your own teabag labels

Enjoy your weekend, Cheers 🙂


(I forgot to publish this, I hope your weekend was awesome!)

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