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Mood Board Love • Blizzard

I saw the blizzard text somewhere on Pinterest (oh how I love Pinterest). It felt right for me in a couple of ways. First of all my life has been thrown upside down and inside out in just a small amount of time (like a blizzard). I also have a new special someone in my life. Which is very nice and the text can relate to him as well.

Also the weather is getting colder (there was ice on my car this morning, the horror!) and I feel like snow is getting close. I love the look of snow. But I get bored with it very easily. Like when it gets in the way of ordinary day to day life. Or it being slushy and yucky. But it looks so very pretty and I can’t wait to have a snow ball fight with some friends.

So that’s the story behind this mood board, I hope you enjoy!

Credits for these pictures: Wool // Deer // Blackberries // Pumpkin // blizzard // Neon sign

If this is your photo and the source is incorrect, please let me know by email so I can fix it!


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