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Photography • Dutch Belted Cows

Hi guys, last time I drove to my parents house I saw Dutch Belted cows from the highway. Such a treat to see. I think they’re lovely looking and thought it would be really cool to take pictures of them. My dad who is obsessed with cows (literally, you should see the downstairs bathroom) and has a nice camera also thought this was a nice idea. So we made a trip out of it and saw some Dutch Belted beauties.

Cows, up close and personal

I love getting really close to the object I’m taking pictures of, and this particular cow (Bertha ;)) was really fond of getting her picture taken. She’s such a beauty!

Cows, up close and personal


Unfortunately it was a bit misty, so the background is a bit blah. I did however shot all the pictures on manual mode and there was limited photoshopping needed. Insert proud moment here.


Cows, up close and personal



I loved taking pictures and the cows were really nosy, as soon as we walked up to the field they came up to us. But probably ’cause they were hungry, haha.

If you wanna check out these lovely cows and you’re near Almere, this is the “adres” (where we parked the car).




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