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A lady always has a bag. Now I don’t (always) call myself a lady, but I do always bring a bag. A tote or a backpack ’cause they are super practical. I dislike the word practical but if you’re carrying around stuff it’s nice to be a little practical. Click to see what’s in my bag.

At the moment I use a Unicorn print tote, from Primark (Unicorns <3).

What's in my bag

I carry around a shitload of stuff. Agenda, pens, cables for my ears, cables for my phone, make-up, my wallet and lots of other random things. Most of the things are in no way necessary for everyday living, but if I don’t have them on me, I feel incomplete. I really need my 6-piece line markers and doodle book and lipsticks and gel pens and silly erasers… I think you get the point.

I thought laying my stuff on the floor would make for a nice photo. But I’ll let you decide on that.

What's in my bag

A lot of times when clearing out my bag a lot of drawings come out. I doodle these at work when I get the chance. Most of the times I end up using them, making them digital and putting them on my shops. This little bunny has yet to undergo that proces, but looking at it now I think I should definitely make some time for that.

I’ll keep you posted!

I hoped you liked looking at the contents of my bag, cheers!

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  • Reply Sax and the Pretty 10/09/2015 at 17:42

    Dat is nog behoorlijk overzichtelijk! Hier nog een dosis bonnetjes, papiertjes en twintig lipsticks extra… 😉 x

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