Wax Lyrical Sweet Pea

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So there’s a new shop in town and right before I decided to stop spending money, I went in. The shop has lovely home accessories, plants and lamps. All in a hip, non-frumpy (that’s what you get when you translate truttig) setting. I could buy everything there if I had the money. I bought the Wax Lyrical Sweet Pea candle and a cactus.

In the middle of the shop they have a big display with cacti! In all shapes, sizes and colours. Off course I selected a cactus with pink flowers.  <3 Pink. It’s in this cute terracotta pot and it being a cactus, I’m sure I can kill it within a month.

Wax Lyrical Sweet Pea

I also bought Wax Lyrical Sweet Pea scented candle, a bit overpriced (€ 8,00) but the smell is so lovely. And the print! Oh my the print. I could not resist this candle. I thought to myself, even if the candle is burned up, I can use the tin for storing things! Also it’s a good prop for my photos and so I convinced myself that I truly needed a candle.

The scent is Sweet Pea – Fresh with a violet and rose bouquet with sweet powdery undertones precious wood and musk. The burn time approx 25 hours.

Wax Lyrical Sweet Pea

As I’m writing this I fully see that it makes no sense, but whatever. Sometimes you need to buy frilly useless things. And look at it, all the lovely flowers. And sweet pea is really a lovely scent.

I hope you can get as excited over a candle as I can :).



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